• Pediatric examination table
    Clinical / 10.DV.1650

    Pediatric examination table

    Pediatric Examination table without Breathing hole with 3 sections

  • Pediatric table
    Clinical / 10.ME.1872

    Pediatric table

    Pedatric table with 2 drawers and 2 doors

  • Pediatric table
    Clinical / 10.ME.1870

    Pediatric table

    Pediatric Table with 2 Drawers

  • Pediatric table
    Clinical / 10.ME.1875

    Pediatric table

    Pediatric Table

  • Wall Dressing Table
    Clinical / 10.ME.1878

    Wall Dressing Table

    Wall Dressing Table for babies

  • Table support
    Clinical / 10.ME.1865

    Table support

    Table for weight Balance to babies